The Aphrodisiac Qualities of Love Potion No.9 Chocolate

The Aphrodisiac Qualities of Love Potion No.9 Chocolate

Our Love Potion No.9 bar is potently powerful due to the unique combination of two essential ingredients that possess the power of aphrodisia.

The bar was born when our founder, Emma, wanted to create a bespoke gift for special friends on their wedding night. Emma already adored the superfood power of Maca, and still accredits it to a successful conception after years of longing. What better than a bunch of chocolate roses?

Rose oil was chosen for its romantic prowess, while adding a dreamy taste. These two ingredients are potentiated by the cacao in a natural chemical reaction that boosts the magical properties of the duo.

Aphrodisiac rose oil

The Bewitching Properties of Rose Oil 

Pure Essential Rose Oil, which is an ingredient in Love Potion No.9 has long been known for its calming effects. Not only does it reduce anxiety it also raises libido which makes it ideal for a bar that’s often a gift between lovers.

There are other benefits too, such as skin health, pain relieving and reducing inflammation, no wonder it was chosen by Emma to add a little magic to Love Potion No.9.

Maca Aphrodisiac

The Mystical Power of Maca

Maca has been used for centuries to aid stamina and boost energy however recent studies show that it also increases fertility. In addition to this is raises sexual desire and enhances libido. This superfood really does work miracles.

 Rose oil, Maca and Cacao combine to create the pleasurable Love Potion No.9. The cacao brings its own benefits, with minerals known to boost mood and happiness. This trio blend expertly together to deliver a lover’s chocolate bar unlike any other.

 Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself. We have an enchanting array of chocolate and gifts including these magic ingredients such as our Love Gift Box which is the ultimate way to gift a dozen chocolate roses. Love Gift Box

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Vegan Chocolate Love Donuts

These donuts are the ideal romantic dessert to bake using Love Potion No.9, you can also use the rose petals from the Love Gift Box to sprinkle over the top.Chocolate vegan donuts

Get the recipe

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