Our Packaging

The whole Conscious Chocolate bar is plastic free, recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable. The cardboard we use for the bars to sit in is from Accurate Freeze (brand name) and it is a virgin fibre carton board which is fully recyclable (compliant with standard EN 13430) and biodegradable (compliant with standard EN 13432). The inks are vegetable based and the varnish is water based. The foil block is also recyclable. The whole cardboard pack is home compostable as well. The inner packaging of the bars is a bio-film made by NatureFlex and based strongly on renewable resources (wood-pulp from managed plantations) and are certified to standards that prove suitable for both home composting and to be biodegradable. The cartons we use to send out the chocolate is 100% recycled.

Social mission ....

The founder of Conscious Chocolate is driven by strong values concerning the environment and the health benefits of an alternative, less processed diet. The intention is that everyone can enjoy Conscious, regardless of dietary requirements and no one is excluded due to a free from need. A priority for us as a company is the ethical sourcing of all our ingredients, and the relationships we hold with our suppliers. We are striving to have an ethical statement for each ingredient we use for every product. The ingredients are always using fair trade where available and our cacao comes from Peru in South America. There is within our business model as desire to ensure the welfare and health of our workforce. Investment is made for massage to relive tension and regular yoga for all staff to attend – paid for by the company. We have staff meditation sessions before meetings and monthly mindfulness catchups.

Sustainability Practices

In the factory due to the nature of the ingredients we use, there is no food waste at all. All our ingredients are GMO free. We never have and never will use Palm Oil. All the cleaning products we use are organically certified and of low risk to the environment. We encourage lift sharing or working from home as well as E – meeings as a default where possible which reduces commuting emissions.

Energy Use

Being Conscious about the impact our energy buying choices have on the planet our energy supplier is Ecotricity. This means the whole factory unit is powered by 100% renewable energy sources which includes Offshore Wind (71.5%), Onshore Wind (27.6), Hydro (0.7) and Solar(0.1). This means we are using 100% green electricity and this is also Vegan energy as it is cutting carbon emissions and supporting ethical energy practices. We have no gas supply, which makes us carbon neutral. Water use is minimal within the factory.

Decision Making

The decision-making board is made up of one third women; our founder is a woman, and very much involved in directing and decision making in the day to day running of the business. We, as a business endorse women and all our employees empowerment; flexible hours to suit child-care for both the men and women in the company as well as opportunities to work from home are a given within our working community. As a small business we are non-hierarchical and make decisions as a collective as well as individuals being able to self-govern. All employees are empowered to express ways of improving all aspects of the business and are valued equally. All employees are paid above the minimum wage and are active in setting goals and targets not only for tasks and work load but for wages too.