30% Off Conscious Chocolate Subscriptions

30% Off Your First Two Months


Build your Conscious Chocolate subscription between now and the 31st October to get 30% off your first two subscriptions with code CHOCSUB30.

After that, your subscription discount will be set to 15% which you will then secure for the life of your subscription.

You can amend, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time using our Subscription Manager, or by emailing us.


How to place a subscription:

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How do Conscious Subscriptions work?

Subscribe & Save

Save 15% and lock in your prices for the life of your subscription! Plus, until the 31st October you will be able to secure 30% off your first two subscription orders with code CHOCSUB30

Mix & match bars, nibbles, and more.

1) How do I create a Conscious Subscription?

Head to your favourite bars and treats and use the "Subscribe & Save" button to add your items to cart.

You can decide how often you'd like to receive your chocolate, like every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks.

You'll receive 15% off for the life of your subscription for life, plus we will double that saving for your first two subscriptions when placed by 31st October (use code CHOCSUB30 at checkout).

2) When will I receive my first order?

We'll prepare and ship your first order right away. Once your selected subscription frequency comes around, we will send your next order out automatically, so you know you've always got chocolate on the way.

3) How does my subscription renew?

Whenever your selected subscription frequency comes around, we will automatically prepare and send you your next order. This can be adjusted, skipped, paused or cancelled at any time by emailing us on orders@consciouschocolate.com or visiting the page: MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTION

4) How do I change, pause or cancel my subscription?

You can log in to pause, skip, or amend your subscription at any time. You won't need to contact us to cancel it, but you are always welcome to by emailing us on orders@consciouschocolate.com


- 30% OFF CODE T&Cs -

You can build your own subscription with your favourite Conscious Chocolate bars. If you place your first subscription order by the 31st October 2024 and use code CHOCSUB30 at checkout, you'll receive 30% off your first two subscriptions which go through. After that, your subscription will remain at the usual 15% off discount.

Your discount won't stack with any other offers or code, but you will qualify for FREE delivery if your subscription total is £50 or more.

You can edit or cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the Subscription Management page, or contacting us on orders@consciouschocolate.com

Why Choose Conscious Chocolate?

Plastic Free Packaging

All our packaging is plastic free, and compostable.

Organic, Raw, Vegan, Sustainable

Our vegan chocolate subscriptions are filled with organic, raw, and vegan Conscious Chocolate, making it one of the most pleasurable and accessible divine treats. We ensure our ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically.

Award Winning

Our chocolate has won Noursh Awards and Good Food Awards amongst others, so you know it's loved not just by our customers but by the professionals too.

Carbon Neutral Kitchens

Our kitchens are carbon and energy neutral.