Getting to Know the Peppermint Bar

Getting to Know the Peppermint Bar

Every single bar in the Conscious Chocolate range has its own personality and its own special blend of ingredients that makes it stand out from a crowd and deliver a deeper experience to any chocolate lover.

Of course, all of the chocolate is raw, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and shares the same ethics and sustainability story that we’re proud of.Peppermint bar

Refresh and Invigorate

The Peppermint bar is a bestseller and it’s easy to see why. It’s so smooth and creamy yet minty strong, cleanses the palette and awakens the mind. It’s like an icy blast of fresh cool air, ideal in the summer months but just as perfect in the winter, in hot chocolate or drizzled over cakes.

The sophisticated after dinner delight that leaves you with a clean conscience. Sparkling clean.

Emma chose the Peppermint to uplift the consumer and paired this pure essential oil from America with the dark Peruvian chocolate to create a bar unlike any other. You’ll find your mind refocuses after eating, as if you’ve taken a ten-minute break, while your mouth will feel enlivened and awake and your palette clean! 

Curious Facts About the Peppermint Bar

The cooling Peppermint bar is loved by many, especially those who loved Matchmaker’s mint sticks or After Eights, as its taste is reminiscent of these traditional chocolates but a healthy version, however, men seem to favour it over women. Even when children test, boys love this flavour and more so than girls as girls find it’s a little 'too spicy' while boys love the power and raciness of the peppermint flavour.

If the Peppermint Bar Were a Star Sign

If the Peppermint bar were a star sign it would be Gemini, full of energy and bouncing into your life like a breath of fresh air. It also has two sides, one as a summer refreshment, the other as a Christmas staple, to have as an after-dinner treat. It pairs perfectly with sun or snow, with Pimm’s or Candy Canes. It can also be loved or hated!

Chocolate Starsign

What Others Think of the Peppermint Bar

The Peppermint bar, as it’s so popular, has the most reviews and this is what our customers say about this deliciously dark minty chocolate:

'This bar tastes so much like matchmakers that I was surprised, as I've been craving them for so long but couldn't eat them due to the allergens in the ingredients. It really does satisfy any mint choc craving and is so creamy and delicious. I can eat a whole bar watching the TV or reading a book, sometimes I eat it quickly, but the best times are when I nibble it slowly and really appreciate the peppermint. It's my favourite by far'.

Recipes with the Peppermint Bar

The Peppermint bar melts so evenly in a bain marie, that it can be seamlessly incorporated into any chocolate recipe. We love how it lifts this delectable cocktail, while the Peppermint Tart is decadent and deeply satisfying.

Chocolate Tart

It also invigorates the body which is why we chose it for the coconut body scrub and beauticians use it in their salons for facemasks, to tighten the skin and awaken the senses.homemade body scrub

 Pick up your bar of Peppermint smooth, dark, creamy chocolate now and give yourself and the planet some love. 

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