Warrior Pose 2 Explored

Warrior Pose 2 Explored

Warrior Pose 2 or known as  Virabhadrasana 2 in Sanskrit  - This is asana is not related to a physical warrior in the world but more a Spiritual warrior. The origin of the warrior poses come from an ancient story of Lord Shiva which is an emotional roller coaster of transformation! This wonderful pose is named after a legendary warrior called Virabhadra.

The regular practice of this pose develops strength and endurance.

Warrior 2 asana gives the foundation to understanding the extended side stretch of Utthita parsvakonasona and Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana 1 which leads of course to Virabhadrasna 3!).

Here are the Amazing Benefits from regularly practicing this pose –

  • Builds strength and endurace
  • Reduces stiffness in neck and shoulders
  • Increases flexibility in knee and hips
  • Relieves lower back ache
  • Slims the hips
  • Expands the Chest and opens the lungs

There are variations the help –

  1. Work with the back heel against a wall and press into the wall to keep strength in the back leg.
  2. Keep fingertips at wall as you bend in the right angle bend to keep torso central

Tips to improve your Pose –

  • Keep the bent knee over the ankle and hit the shin back.
  • Press down the bent leg heel
  • Turn the abdomen away from the bent leg
  • Don’t allow the torso to tilt to the bent knee or tilt forwards, expand the chest
  • Stretch the arms from the shoulders to fingertips
  • Move in shoulder blades

‘Regular practice of yoga can help you face the turmoil of life with steadiness and stability’ BKS Iyengar

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