Pure Dark 100% and a Lot of Love

Pure Dark 100% and a Lot of Love

It's time for an update on our 100% Dark Chocolate Bar, Pure Dark and new of how highly rated this dark no sugar cacao bar is!

For many years I have been sampling the lovely Conscious Chocolate bars in stores across London such as Planet Organic and Wholefoods Market and at the wonderful shows we attend such as the Om Yoga Show or Mind Body and Spirit and what I often get asked are three questions –

  1. Which of your bars has the least sugar?

  2. Which bar has the most Cacao?

  3. Do you do 100% cacao?

Of course, we only use unrefined sugar and up until now the Dark Side 85% was the darkest and the bar with the least sugar but now …. We have launched the 100% Pure Dark bar which is not only made from 100% Peruvian cacao but is also 100% sugar free!

This bar is not for everyone of course as it is strong, dark, sophisticated and don’t forget sugar free!

This is a purist’s bar for a truly natural and pure cacao experience. We make this bar with premium Peruvian cacao, which is blended perfectly to give an intense, delicious, strong cacao flavour that is creamy and fully balanced, without overpowering bitterness. This 100% bar is perfect for a whole host of different diets and food intolerance. And don’t forget you can cook with it!

With 100% cacao you get 100% hit of all the goodness of raw, organic cacao in a very pure way.


Now that we have finally launched this bar we wanted to reach out for you to try and have your say and so we did a 24hr giveaway which went viral after just a few hours and we sold out!

We are now getting the review in on this bar, and once again I must totally stress this is not a bar for everyone! My personal taste in chocolate means that I don’t like anything above 75% but I know that some of you want that darker, richer, deeper experience and this is what you are saying –

You lot are lovely as all the reviews are 5 Star! You really know your chocolate!

Magical Mystery Bar 

Posted by Chris Davies on 08 October 2020

I’ve really been looking forward to trying this bar and it definitely hits the spot! It’s not too bitter, beautifully smooth, rich, dark, slightly fruity and delicious. What I love is that you only need a couple of squares to satisfy that chocolate feeling and sugar free is a massive bonus 💖🙏👏

100%.... No Joke!

Posted by Mark Arnold on 08 October 2020

As a Chocolate lover, it's always exciting to try a new product. and this Pure Dark 100% doesnt disappoint...
A product for the chocolate connoisseur, it is as bitter and dark as an arctic winter...
The only issue, for me at least, is that I ate the whole bar before I had the chance to try cooking with it.. oh well, better put in my next order already! :-)

Dark & Dramatic

Posted by Augury on 07 October 2020

I've tried most of the chocolates by Conscious as they're raw, vegan and plastic free. Love potion is my top fav but if I was in the mood for something cleaner tasting but just as dramatic, this is the bar to choose. It's is deliciously smooth, dark and fruity but not too over the top like other 100% bars I've tased. Great job Conscious!

Dark & creamy

Posted by Heather on 07 October 2020

I'm on a low sugar diet and have tried other 100% cacao bars which are often too hard and too joyless. But this one is creamy and melty like a real decadent chocolate bar. It hits all the right spots and has all the good nutrients without any of the rubbish. Love it.

Just lovely!

Posted by Sara Boorman on 07 October 2020

This is so yummy and a definite must have for any chocolate connoisseurs out there.
It is creamy, intensely chocolatey, indulgent and very smooth indeed. Also, it is not horrid and bitter like some other brands of 100% chocolate because it is made with such high quality ingredients. I love that it is dairy free, plastic free and sugar free too. Sustainable and totally delicious, whats not to love?

Perfect! *****

Posted by Carrie Hamilton on 07 October 2020

Perfect! *****
Firstly I love the packaging, it's very pretty. And I'm won over by it being recyclable and compostable - I'm always looking for ways to help the environment.
The chocolate itself is delicious. I can normally eat a full bar of chocolate, but this one is so rich that I felt a few squares was enough of a treat - so nice! And the fact it has zero sugar is a massive plus.
I love the bitter taste and smooth texture. It's presented very beautifully, inside and out. Very impressed! :)

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Posted by Sophie on 07 October 2020

Loved it. Some 100 percent are so bitter but a couple squares of this was gorgeous! Nice and creamy, fab product.

Smooth and velvety

Posted by Theresa on 07 October 2020

Lovely taste and texture. Intense, smooth, velvety and just delicious. A new way of eating chocolate for me (ie not devouring the whole bar) - a little is all you need.

Excellent 100% Dark Chocolate

Posted by Patrick Naughton-Doe on 07 October 2020

I enjoyed this 100% chocolate very much - it's rich and well balanced without being bitter. At only 12.5g /100g carbohydrates this is perfect for a low carb treat.

This is what chocolate is supposed to taste like!

Posted by Victoria on 07 October 2020

Got a bar of this in the mail today and it's really great stuff. It's got a bold and intense flavour since it's 100% chocolate with no sugar, but it's not overpoweringly bitter. Tbh i usually go for the sweeter stuff, but having a bite of this reminded me how great chocolate is without loads of added stuff. It's a lovely bar to satisfy a craving, and i think it would work beautifully in baking as well. I'll definitely try more products by CC in the near future!

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Pure dark

Posted by Tammy Joyce on 07 October 2020

I first tried and bought your chocolate at the good food show at the NEC last winter. Was impressed then and also impressed now!! Great range and fab products!


Intense, Creamy, a little goes a loooong way!

Posted by Shell on 05 October 2020

I've tried a few 100% bars since i'm on a quest to get sugar out of my diet for health reasons, & this one is my favourite so far. It's really smooth, & has an intense, authentic raw cacao flavour, bitter but not too bitter. A little really does go a looong way. It satisfies my chocolate cravings and gives me a raw cacao boost when i need it! The ultimate bar for raw Cacao purists! Well done Conscious chocolate! :)


Posted by Franky Martin on 05 October 2020

Sophisticated, creamy, super strong, not too bitter but definitely 100%. I love that this has absolutely no sugar.

Love it

Posted by Heather Powers on 05 October 2020

I love 100% dark chocolate and so I love this one!
Lots of 100% is too bitter or grainy but this is creamy and sophisticated.

100% Delicious

Posted by Rosie Wyatt on 05 October 2020

You need to be a true dark 100% chocolate lover to really appreciate this bar but if you are, then this is perfect. I only like 100% chocolate and this is a really good one, smooth and creamy and not too bitter for 100%
100% Dark

Posted by Helen S on 08 October 2020

The 100% dark bar is an intense experience but in the most fantastic way. Smooth and rich, this has an incredible full flavour that goes beyond what you would expect from a bar of chocolate.


Posted by Helen on 08 October 2020

One of the best 100% cacao bars I've had! Really great flavour and not as bitter as many other 100% cacao bars, I would happily have this again!

Fabulous chocolate!

Posted by Louise Hird on 09 October 2020

This chocolate looks and tastes delicious and is less bitter than other brands I’ve tasted. I like the thickness of the pieces and they melt in the mouth perfectly. The packaging is attractive and the bonus is that it is suitable for vegans. I highly recommend this chocolate.

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