Conscious Chocolate is Chocolate on another level

Conscious Chocolate is Chocolate on another level

There are so many types of chocolate available these days from traditional milk to premium dark and all sorts in between, we’d be forgiven for thinking the world had exhausted its possibilities.

But Conscious Chocolate takes the joys of chocolate to another level. It’s rich, creamy, smooth and full of natural goodness, with varieties made with only the finest wild organic ingredients and essential oils.

In fact, it’s so good - we find it has a real effect on those who eat it – enhancing mood, releasing endorphins and lifting the spirits to make them feel more vital, more alive.

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10 Great things about Conscious Chocolate

1). Free From soya, gluten, dairy and refined sugars.

2). Antioxidants

3). Smoother, Creamier texture and taste

4). Only premium organic ingredients

5). Mood Enhancer

6). Appetite Suppressant

7). Good source of Magnesium

8). UK Company , based in Sussex

9). Handmade & hand-wrapped bars

10). Plastic free Packaging & made in Carbon Neutral kitchens

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