Citrus Chocolate Bunnies are Launched!

Citrus Chocolate Bunnies are Launched!

Hop Your Way to a Healthier Easter with Organic, Raw, Vegan, Citrus Chocolate Bunnies!

Summary: Conscious Chocolate have launched their ethical, organic, raw and vegan citrus chocolate Easter bunnies.

Conscious Chocolate are well known for their excellent ethics and as the original creators of raw chocolate they know a thing or two about delicious cacao goodies that are free from dairy, gluten and allergens.

This Easter they’ve launched these incredibly beautiful Chocolate Easter Bunnies, created by Emma Jackman, Conscious Chocolate founder, in her kitchen.

As with all Conscious Chocolate, these adorable rabbits are raw, made with cacao that’s organic, slave free, sustainable and renewable from a dedicated biosphere in the Peruvian rainforest. The packaging is completely recyclable, with vegetable dyes used for the striking colours.

The chocolate bunnies are flavoured with organic citrus fruit, specifically lemon and grapefruit, giving them a fresh, inviting taste that delights and titivates.

Emma explains the process behind the creation of the Chocolate Easter Bunnies, she says, “I love Easter and the story behind the Easter bunny so I was inspired to create a gift box for all ages. Sophisticated for adults, lined with yellow tissue paper but also fun for a children’s easter egg hunt.

The flavours are springtime enveloped in chocolate, a true taste bud sensation that comes from the zesty notes of the essential oils of white grapefruit, from the USA, juicy lemon from Italy and tangy lime from Peru.

They make me feel happy, reminding me of daffodils and the promise of new life!

Most importantly, they taste divine, akin to lemon sherbets dipped in dark chocolate. I used to sample the Citrus Zest at the spring and summer shows and loved people’s reactions to this unique and fresh tasting chocolate.”

This is a spectacular gift for Easter that will delight children and adults alike.

The Bunny Gift Box retails at £.9.95


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