All About Coconut Blossom Sugar and Why We Use It

All About Coconut Blossom Sugar and Why We Use It

Conscious Chocolate was born to be just that. Chocolate that absolved your conscience. Chocolate that gives you no guilt, as with every bite you know you’re nourishing your body while protecting our planet.

That’s why when Emma began her creations, in her quaint kitchen, she knew she needed to source an all-natural sweetener to pair with the premium cocoa beans in order to deliver bars that upheld the Conscious Chocolate logic. 

After a lot of research and testing one sugar stood out. This was an eureka moment, and one where Emma wondered why more hadn’t thought of using this superior ingredient. 

The winner was Coconut Blossom Sugar. Not only did this product have an enchanting name, conjuring up images of palm trees, of bees, of fragrant tropical forests, it also had a lot of organic benefits while being a natural alternative to refined sugar, which quite simply, has no benefits at all.

Coconut Blossom Sugar Pancakes


What Emma Loved About Coconut Blossom Sugar

The first thing Emma admired about Coconut Blossom Sugar was the delicate process of collecting and creating the sugar. There are two stages to this:

  1. The Coconut Blossom flower is cut to release the liquid sap that is collected into durable containers
  2. From above, the sap is then warmed gently to evaporate the moisture leaving behind a granulated golden-brown sugar.

The second thing Emma respected about this sugar was the benefits compared to refined sugar. In comparison to a sugar that has no nutritional benefit at all, Coconut Blossom Sugar:

  1. Retains many minerals and vitamins from the coconut palm
  2. Can lower blood pressure
  3. Has a lower glycaemic index

These attributes sounded great but meant nothing if it was lacking in taste.

Emma found a supplier that followed the Conscious Chocolate ethos and experimented with combining the new ingredient with the cocoa beans to create a delicious raw chocolate.

It was a success! Even compared to other unrefined sugars, the Coconut Blossom sugar tasted the best.

Today Coconut blossom sugar is used to create all the Conscious Chocolate bars and you love it. We wouldn’t use anything else.Raw Chocolate Bars

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