Chocolate Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nut pieces coated in dark chocolate

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50g Bags

66% Peruvian Cacao solids


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  • Conscious Organic, Vegan and Raw Coated Chocolate Brazil nuts is the ultimate in snacking! This will blow you away and you will find yourself coming back for more! 

    The Conscious range are all free from gluten, soya, dairy and refined sugars.

    These crunchy Bolivian brazil nuts are covered in a gorgeous coating of 66% dark rich creamy chocolate for snacking heaven! Our Cacao is from Peru and blended for longer for a creamier taste which will have you reaching for more!

    Cacao solids 66% minimum

    All our chocolates are handmade in our kitchen in Sussex which is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

    All of the packaging is plastic free, recyclable and home compostable. The coloured printing is achieved through the use of vegetable inks, finished with a water-based varnish. 

    We love our planet as much as we love our chocolate.

    Recipe formulasRecipe formulasRecipe formulas
    IngredientsChocolate BrazilsOrange Chocolate FigsSalted Chocolate Dates
    Brazil Nut Pieces CC33.10%0.00%0.00%
    Figs Pieces CC0.00%40.00%0.00%
    Date Pieces0.00%0.00%40.00%
    Cacao Butter TRCC / CC25.10%22.28%22.32%
    Coconut Sugar TRCC20.00%17.76%17.79%
    Cacao Powder Peruvian CC14.49%13.09%13.11%
    Carob Powder CC4.64%4.10%4.12%
    Coconut Oil CC2.58%2.29%2.30%
    Orange oil CC0.00%0.24%0.00%
    Tangerine Oil CC0.00%0.17%0.00%
    Cinnamon CC0.066%0.059%0.059%
    Salt TRCC / CC0.007%0.010%0.300%
    Chocolate Brazils618257452.124.929.420.
    Orange Chocolate Figs456189627.017.446.636.
    Salted Chocolate Dates477198326.617.455.