Tree Planting Together - Let’s solve this together!

Giving Back, Sustainability and Agro-Forestry

We love this planet and want to do as much as we can to help support and reduce our impact on it – proudly and passionately we have created a project directly impacting the area of land where we buy our cacao from. By Giving Back and buying trees we are able to actively support the sustainability of the ecosystem of Peruvian farmed Cacao and the projects we believe in. We ask you to do the same and invite you to help us in our mission to buy trees to support the agro-forest and national parks in Peru, specifically where our cacao is harvested.

We have been busy working with our Cacao suppliers, Sierra Organic, on a tree planting project to avoid serious deforestation in Peru and support the Agro-forestry in the area.

Our cacao is sourced is the surrounding areas of the Rio Abiseo National Park in San Martin Peru, and the National Gamekeepers Organisation we work with is the Amazonia Viva project.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and to support the agro forestry in the area by donating trees directly to this area and to encourage you to do the same.

We will plant a tree for every order over £30.00. You also have the option to buy trees at the check out and click below to buy trees now:



Watch these amazing Videos and find yourself in the Rainforests of Peru

The Beautiful National Trust Park Rio Abiseo is protected by Agro-forestry methods and the Rainforest Alliance Certification – these videos will make you feel happy! 

Sierra Organic have an on the ground team in peru, which means there is extensive quality control. All the organic cacao products are only ever from agro-forested farms with no mono-cropping which means the environments, soil and forests are protected. Each of the cooperative partners are fully mapped, &  are 100% traceable.

Sierra Organic are Certified by both the Rainforest Alliance Certified and the World Land Trust