Collection: The Raw Chocolate Company

This collection of vegan, raw, organic chocolate has been created by the Raw Chocolate Company, who we like to think as our brother brand. We share ideas, kitchen space and an office with the Raw Chocolate Company and now have the opportunity to share their delicious treats too. Please enjoy their range of creative, award winning snacks and gifts.
The Raw Chocolate Company

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Why Choose Conscious Chocolate?

Plastic Free Packaging

All our packaging is plastic free, and compostable.

Organic, Raw, Vegan, Sustainable

Our chocolate is organic, raw, and vegan, making it one of the most pleasurable and accessible divine treats. We ensure our ingredients are sourced sustianably and ethically.

Award Winning

Our chocolate has won Noursh Awards and Good Food Awards amongst others, so you know it's loved not just by our customers but by the professionals too.

Carbon Neutral Kitchens

Our kitchens are carbon and energy neutral.