Handmade Nutty Vegan Sweets

Handmade Nutty Vegan Sweets

These simple, yet decadent sweets are so easy to make and create a stunning display of sophisticated moreish vegan treats that are perfect with coffee, tea or for topping a vegan cake. 

The Chocolate Brazil nuts are essential for the sweet success of this straight forward recipe as they provide the the delicious nutritious hearty crunch and the tasty base.

A sprinkle of cinnamon brings the whole recipe together, and lifts the flavours of the creamy nuts to deliver a mouth watering morsel that's satisfying and luxurious. 

Make them in minutes and give them as gifts or share with guests, they're bound to impress!

Honey Nut Sweets


Vegan Sweets


Add 1 pack of Conscious Chocolate Chocolate Brazils, the walnuts, maple syrup and cinnamon to a food processor. Pulse the mixture until it all comes together into one mass. This ensures all of the ingredients are evenly distributed and the "dough" will hold well when shaped below. 
Take a piece approximately 2-3cm big and roll in between the palms of your hands to shape each one into a ball.

Place 1 chocolate brazil in the middle of each sweet and roll into a ball again.
Place them on a parchment paper lined tray before placing in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. 

These tasty morsels are now ready to eat, however to add even more depth you can dip them into melted chocolate before leaving them to set or roll them in any remaining chopped nuts. 

Enjoy with a hot or cold beverage of your choice. 

Organic Sweets

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Don't forget to buy the Chocolate Brazil Nut Nibbles that are integral to this recipe too! 

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