Give the Gift of Conscious this Christmas!

Give the Gift of Conscious this Christmas!

2019 has all been about rebranding and getting our Ethics sorted - what a busy year but so exciting and so important too! It's such a passion for me - keeping everything plant based and compostable but actually even more so it's been about eating yummy chocolate with it! I think I still exceed everyone else with the amount of chocolate I consume - but that's my job surely! 

We'll be sending out packages filled with delicious chocolates up until the 18th December, so you've still got time to get your Christmas orders in!

December's Shooting Star: Goji & Coconut!

Oooh Goji and Coconut- this is our Shooting Star for December with a whopping 30% promo- I love this bar- so chewy and yummy - I call it the 'boyfriend bar' as guys love it - it's like a protein bar wrapped up in silky dark chocolate and perfect for this time of the year as it's jam packed with antioxidants too!  Sooo tasty!  But will you be wrapping this one up for Christmas or simply eating it yourself?   
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Christmassy but super simple serving Suggestion

Christmas is so much about food and decadence that I love this concept and hope you will too - it's a real crowd pleaser and one to impress guests (and yourself!) with no effort required - it shouldn't always be hard work! So simply find your favourite flavour Conscious Chocolate bar of the day and warm gently in a pan .....
then pour over what ever you like! I love this over a vegan ice cream and something like The Dark Side is great or one of the smooth bars with essential oils in for more of a Pzazz! Have fun!

Im so happy I got my tree up before Christmas Eve this year - I just love this season because I love the warm fires, hosting, excuse to eat and share even more chocolate  and holiday time! So do enjoy and take care of yourselves, loved ones and all your special pets ... I'm busy keeping my cat, Misty out of mischief! 

Wishing you all a very merry festive season, with lots of love,

& all the team at Conscious